Davenport NDP Gear Up for Federal Election

Toronto – After a hotly contested nomination race, New Democratic members in the
riding of Davenport made a decisive choice to elect Alejandra Bravo as their federal
candidate to unseat the Liberals.

"I am moved and motivated by the support we have already received in Davenport, and
I am ready to continue building in our riding. But this win is not about one person or one
candidate," said Alejandra Bravo. "There is a growing team and a movement in
Davenport that is demanding change in the next election."

During the nomination campaign, NDP membership in the riding doubled and generated
renewed interest, signalling energy and momentum as the Riding Association prepares
to hit the campaign trail for the federal election.

When asked about her approach to representation for residents, Bravo expressed that
electoral office is a means to push for progressive solutions and policy changes for the
many. "As the elected voice in Ottawa, it won't be for the status quo. Davenport
deserves better than the Liberals' record of undelivered promises." With her multilingual
and inclusive approach, Bravo affirmed she would engage and listen to residents in
Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.
Bravo added, "The next election is an important one for the people who feel let down by
Justin Trudeau's Liberals and their bare minimum approach to the greatest challenges
this country faces. Canadians need a government and MPs that will truly have their
back and work for them - not the ultra rich. And with Jagmeet Singh as our leader, we
will fight for you and put you first."

Since moving to Davenport in 2000 with her family, Bravo has been an involved
parent, volunteer, policy advocate and community member. As an organizer with thirty
years of experience, she acts with principles and fights for racial, social, economic, and
climate justice, putting others first and bringing workers and communities together. For
more information, please visit bravodavenport.ca.

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